10 million mobile devices lost over the last year puts business data at risk, says EE

·         This latest survey marks the launch of EE’s new Super Secure 4GEE portfolio, with built-in security for large and medium organisations and hosted mobility tools for small to medium businesses

·         Super Secure 4GEE portfolio to include MobileIron Cloud® for small to medium businesses

·         New Super Secure 4GEE bundles are the latest addition to EE’s Total Enterprise Mobility, a new approach to help large organisations become more genuinely mobile

Over the last year, almost 10 million mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops holding sensitive business data have been lost by employees across Britain, according to research by EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company. One in five (19 per cent) of employees say they lost their mobile device on a work night out, while one in six (16 per cent) left it on public transport. Devices were also commonly left in taxis and public toilets[1].

As more data is downloaded to mobile devices using superfast mobile technologies like 4G and LTE-Advanced, business data becomes increasingly vulnerable. In response to this, EE today unveils its new Super Secure 4GEE portfolio for business and announces a strategic partnership with MobileIron[2].

EE’s Super Secure 4GEE portfolio provides businesses of all sizes with the tools to securely manage access to:

·         Company data e.g. emails, presentations, databases

·         Business applications e.g. SAP, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, LinkedIn

·         Content on any mobile device across all major operating systems[3].


Gerry McQuade, Chief Marketing Officer for Business at EE, said: “More often than not, employees will use their personal mobile device to access company emails, documents or presentations, unaware that they may be putting sensitive data at risk. What’s important is that business data is secure, whether accessed from a company owned device or not.

“With the arrival of 4G, businesses of all sizes now have an opportunity to become genuinely mobile by giving their employees secure access to company information and business applications regardless of the device they’re using and the operating system the device is running.”

Super Secure 4GEE for large and medium organisations

For corporate and public sector organisations, EE has developed three Super Secure 4GEE bundles to support different security needs. Each bundle ensures security is built into every 4GEE corporate plan as standard:

Starter: A hosted bundle providing basic security for configuring email and WiFi, automatic password protection for mobile devices, provisioning business applications and the ability to remote lock or wipe devices.

Enterprise: Works across all major operating systems as either a hosted or an on-site service. It can be fully integrated with company IT systems or provisioned as a standalone service. This bundle also offers advanced features for application security, content security and access control.

Regulated: For legal, financial and government organisations that demand high-level data security, offering customised control of business devices and content plus the ability to lock down individual mobile devices.

These bundles all comprise simple, centralised tools that allow organisations to keep corporate and personal data separate, making it easy to manage any Corporate Owned Personally Enabled device policy[4].


Super Secure 4GEE for small to medium businesses

For small to medium sized companies, EE has partnered with MobileIron to make mobile security easier to deploy and manage. MobileIron Cloud® is a multi-operating system enterprise mobility management solution that provides simplified security and control of mobile devices from a hosted platform. Administrators can configure and selectively manage mobile apps, content and devices, automatically enforce policies on all mobile devices and retire devices that are lost or stolen.

Total Enterprise Mobility for large organisations

Super Secure 4GEE bundles are the latest addition to EE’s Total Enterprise Mobility approach for corporate and public sector organisations, comprising three pillars, namely Mobile Workforce, Engaged Customers and Connected Machines. Together these pillars can make businesses genuinely more mobile, characterised by the free yet secure flow of information between people and machines:

·         Workforce Mobility: Mobile working should permeate the organisation and not be limited to field workers and home office connectivity. To be genuinely mobile, all employees should be able to access all business systems and applications that they need to do their job, regardless of their location and in a secure way.

·         Engaged Customers: Mobile devices present an immediate way for businesses to reach and engage their customers, build loyalty and open new revenue streams. To be genuinely mobile, digital conversations with customers should be two-way through apps and shared systems across multiple channels, rather than businesses simply pushing out information by email and text.

·         Connected Machines: Connecting machines to the Internet of Things, internally and externally, enables business information to flow freely between machines, and from machines to employees, in real-time for impressive operational and productivity gains.


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Notes to Editors

Online survey of 2,000 UK consumers conducted by Vision Critical during March 2014:

·         Almost 10 million unprotected personal and company devices with access to sensitive work data, such as emails, spreadsheets and presentations, are lost each year, based on:

o    Average number of devices lost that are not password-protected = 4 devices for every ten people (0.4 per person)

o    24,453,900 employees have access to work data on either their personal or company mobile devices - calculation based on 81 per cent of 30.19 million, the total number of UK adults in employment according to ONS:

o    0.4 x 24,453,900 = 9,781,560.

·         19 per cent employees lost their mobile device on a work night out

·         16 per cent left their mobile device on public transport.


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[1] A summary of survey results is given in the Notes to Editors below.

[2] EE’s Super Secure 4GEE portfolio to include MobileIron Cloud® for small to medium businesses.

[3] Super Secure 4GEE bundles for large and medium organisations work with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry10.

[4] For an additional licence fee, organisations can extend management to include Bring Your Own Device.