73-year-old live streams record breaking bungee jump with EE’s new 4GEE action cam

  • Daredevil Ray Woodcock has rolled back the years by setting a new bungee jumping record
  • Breath-taking moment live-streamed to family members using EE’s new 4GEE Action Cam – the world’s first 4G action camera
  • EE’s new 4GEE Action Cam is on sale now online and in stores -

73-year-old daredevil Ray Woodcock has rolled back the years by setting a new British bungee jumping record which he shared live with his family.  Former cabbie Ray Woodcock set a new British record - and potential world record - for the highest jump with a full body submersion into water with a leap from 465ft. 

The pensioner's death-defying leap smashed his own previous world record of 380ft and was streamed live over 4G to his family in Essex using EE’s new 4GEE Action Cam.

The jump took place from a special 500ft crane at Chepstow Quarry - the site of the highest bungee jump in the UK. This old quarry has been transformed into the National Diving and Activity Centre and its deep water made the record attempt possible.

Moments after the jump Ray said: "The jump was absolutely incredible. A little bit harder than I thought it would be - the height was unbelievable, I looked at it from the ground and thought 'wow no-one's going to jump off that!'”

Ray, a taxi driver for over 30 years, performed the jump to raise money for The Southend Taxi Drivers Charity for Children which takes sick and disabled children on an annual outing.

The daring pensioner secured a waterproof EE Action Cam to his chest and was able to livestream the stunt to his children and grandchildren at home in Essex.

Ray said: "Today was very special because my family could watch, could feel, could see what I was doing – EE’s new technology is amazing.  When I was standing on the edge, with nothing between me and nearly 500ft - for the kids to have seen that at home must have blown their minds.”

Watching from home, son Marc Woodcock, 37, said: "I'm extremely happy that he's safe, the 465ft drop looked ridiculously high, I couldn't even comprehend doing something like that. My heart was in my mouth, my stomach turned, it was terrifying for me, let alone for him."

The ambitious jump required a team of safety boats and divers on alert in case of an accident, but they remained thankfully unused. Ray is no stranger to risk, having previously climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, trekked through Death Valley and driven a group of huskies 250km across the Arctic.

Jon Snape, head of the UK Bungee Club, said: "Ray contacted me 18 months ago, he said he was doing a fundraiser and wanted to break the record for the highest jump into water. I just thought he was nuts at first - you have a 73-year-old gentleman jumping 465ft, six metres from a sheer cliff face - but he was insistent. He's an incredibly brave and inspiring person."

And despite being in the twilight of his life, Ray says he has no plans to give up his high-altitude feats any time soon.

Ray added: "Today has been the dream for the last three years - I've lived every day for day, imagined it, gone through it - and now I've achieved it. It feels fantastic, I'm still riding on a cloud - or a bungee!  At 73 there's lots of things you can't do, but the record for the oldest jumper is over 100, so at my age I'm a spring chicken.  A lot of people at my age, they've given up - but you're never too old to achieve new things."

Spencer McHugh, Director of Brand at EE, said: “Ray is an inspiration and the perfect ambassador to trial our new 4GEE Action Cam technology.  We designed this product to stream live over our network which means adventurous types like Ray can share the awesome stuff they are doing, live as it happens, with friends and family.  It’s nail-biting stuff and all the more special knowing that Ray’s family were able to share his experience.”

Ray’s jump was filmed using EE’s new 4GEE Action Cam, the world’s first action camera that live streams over 4G. On sale today. 

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Bristol, UK: A DAREDEVIL 73-year-old has rolled back the years by setting a new bungee jumping record. Retired taxi driver Ray Woodcock set a new best for the highest jump with a full body submerge at the bottom with a leap from 465ft - smashing his previous record of 380ft. The jump took place at Chepstow Quarry - the site of the highest bungee jump in the UK - with Ray plunging into the freezing cold water below, watched by wife Heather. And using the waterproof EE Action Cam, secured to his chest, Ray was able to livestream the stunt to his children and grandchildren back home.


About the 4GEE Action Cam

EE’s 4GEE Action Cam is set to revolutionise the fast-growing action camera market and provides the opportunity to live broadcast unmissable life moments with family and friends.

The 4GEE Action Cam is capable of capturing both Full HD video (1080p) and13MP stills, and comes with a unique viewfinder watch.  The camera also allows users to drop the resolution to standard definition in favour of a higher frame rate (60fps), perfect for capturing ultra-smooth action footage, such as fast moving adventure sports. 

It is available online, through EE telesales and in EE stores nationwide now.   


About the jump

Ray completed a UK Bungee / Big Bang Productions medical assessment. This was approved by his GP and Ray has also completed a HISCOX Statement of Health prior to the jump being agreed.  UK Bungee and Big bang Promotions are the leading Bungee company in the UK with an impeccable safety record. They managed the jump from the NDAC in Chepstow. UK Bungee provided their own Risk Assessment which Ray passed. There were also two medics, two first aiders and an ambulance on site.


About EE

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In the last few years, EE has received extensive independent recognition including being ranked the UK's best overall network by RootMetrics®; Best Network at the 2014 and 2015 Mobile News Awards; Fastest Network at the 2013 and 2014 uSwitch Awards; Best Network at the 2014 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards and the What Mobile Awards 2013 and 2014; Number One for Network Innovation at the 2013 Recombu Awards; Best Mobile Network at the 2014 Recombu Awards; Best Network for Business at the 2013 and 2014 Mobile Industry Awards; and Best Consumer Network at the 2014 Mobile Industry AwardsAbout the 4GEE Action Cam

The 4GEE Action Cam, comes with a lightweight case to protect the camera from knocks and bumps, as well a fully waterproof case which protects it up to 60 meters. It also includes an accompanying viewfinder watch, which provides a convenient way to frame pictures and video, and lets the user stay in control with a quick glance of the wrist. The watch can also take photos and start/stop recording with a simple press of a button, so the filmmaker doesn’t have to fiddle with the camera itself when they’re in the heat of the action.


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