A view from the arch: James Kingston launches world’s first 4G camera with world-first live-streaming stunt


UK urban adventurer James Kingston has becme the first person in the world to stand on the top of Wembley Stadium’s famous arch.  The never-been-done-before stunt took place to mark the launch of EE’s Action Cam – the world’s first 4G-enabled camera that allows users to stream content live over EE’s superfast network.

Kingston was given the chance to stand nearly 400 feet above the hallowed Wembley pitch and live stream a breath-taking panoramic view of London. From his viewpoint James was able to take in views from as far as Alexandra Palace to the north east, right across to Heathrow in the south west.

The 24 year old dare devil, who is renowned for his love of tall structures, has long dreamed of conquering the Wembley arch and the live-stunt only became a reality after special collaboration between Wembley Stadium and its lead partner EE.  Deemed impossible due to security measures in place and lack of access to the arch, it took a team of over 30 safety and security professionals over three months to deliver.

James Kingston said: “I’ve dreamt of being on top of the Wembley arch from the day I first laid eyes on it eight years ago when the new stadium opened. Now thanks to the support of Wembley and EE that dream has finally come true and I’ve been able to capture the moment live with EE’s new Action Cam.

“It’s such an iconic landmark. I’ve stood on the top of buildings and structures all over the world but I’ve never felt more on top of the world than on the top of Wembley arch today.”

James added: “The scale, height and curve of the arch means this was by far the most unique and complex structure I’ve ever stood on top of. It’s impossible to start from ground level so being able to achieve this moment relied on the brilliant team of security experts, specialist rigging and special access that EE and Wembley were able to provide especially for this moment.  It goes without saying that this stunning view comes with a “don’t try this at home” warning!”

James was transported up and along the arch before stepping out of a maintenance cradle onto the tallest section of the arch 130 metres (equivalent to the length of an entire football pitch) above Wembley’s iconic grounds. Footage of the stunt was beamed live via 4G from an EE Action Cam attached to James’ head and additional cameras attached to the arch.

Commenting on the stunt Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer at EE, said: “We wanted James to do something that not only put his skill to the test but also demonstrated the new Action Cam’s unique ability to stream live action via our 4G network where no WiFi is available.  It seemed like an impossible challenge at the time but thanks to the team at Wembley and our advanced connectivity in and around the stadium it’s been made possible today. There can’t be many stadiums in the world where you can stand nearly 400 feet above the ground and still get a 4G signal of high enough quality to stream video content.”

Roger Maslin, Wembley Stadium Managing Director, said: “Wembley Stadium is known throughout the world as a leader in the field of sport and music entertainment. Our partnership with EE is pushing the boundaries of multipurpose venues through technological advancements. Enabling James to stand on top of the iconic arch is symbolic of this forward thinking approach which the collaboration between the two organisations aspires to. We’ve worked closely with safety and security professionals to make this moment happen and look forward to seeing the view from the top!”

4GEE Action Cam

The stunt was carried out to celebrate the launch of EE’s 4GEE Action Cam. The device, which is revolutionising the fast-growing action camera market, provides the opportunity to live broadcast unmissable life moments with family and friends.

The 4GEE Action Cam is capable of capturing both Full HD video (1080p) and13MP stills. The camera also allows users to drop the resolution to standard definition in favour of a higher frame rate (60fps), perfect for capturing ultra-smooth action footage, such as fast moving adventure sports.     


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UK urban adventurer James Kingston live streams the best view in London to launch the 4GEE Action Cam – the world’s first 4G-enabled camera – as he becomes the first person in the world to stand on top of the Wembley arch.


Urban adventurer James Kingston becomes the first man to stand on top of the Wembley arch to launch EE’S 4GEE Action Cam, the world’s first 4G-enabled camera

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About the 4GEE Action Cam

The 4GEE Action Cam, comes with a lightweight case to protect the camera from knocks and bumps, as well a fully waterproof case which protects it up to 60 meters. It also includes an accompanying viewfinder watch, which provides a convenient way to frame pictures and video, and lets the user stay in control with a quick glance of the wrist. The watch can also take photos and start/stop recording with a simple press of a button, so the filmmaker doesn’t have to fiddle with the camera itself when they’re in the heat of the action.


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