• To help Black Friday bargain hunters find their calm, EE is creating a seasonal sale sanctuary in its UK-first Digital Spa, in Westfield London, White City
  • This follows new research from EE that reveals two fifths (40%) of shoppers admit the in-store shopping experience can feel stressful during Black Friday, with missing a bargain almost as worrying as being late to a friend’s wedding (16%)
  • The Digital Spa experience, situated in EE’s Studio store, includes an immersive sensory room and guided meditations designed to promote digital wellbeing, and offer some respite from the annual retail bonanza
  • EE has also teamed up with shopping expert and consumer psychologist, Kate Nightingale, to offer tips on how to spot and avoid ‘Black Friday Burnout'
  • Book a free 30-minute session in the Digital Spa HERE.

21 November 2023, London: EE is taking the stress out of the seasonal sales this year, following new research* that found two fifths (40%) of Brits will experience ‘Black Friday Burnout’ – stress as a result of shopping the sales – over the coming week. The EE Studio in Westfield London, White City, will host a dedicated shoppers’ sanctuary giving shoppers in the capital a moment to relax and recharge in the UK’s first Digital Spa, while consumer psychologist and shopping expert, Kate Nightingale, helps bargain hunters across the country to find their calm on the biggest shopping day of the year. 

It comes as new research by EE reveals that 28 million people (53%) plan to bag a bargain this Black Friday, with well over half of shoppers (57%) looking to spend up to 10 hours looking for deals this week. It’s the younger generation who are particularly deal savvy with four fifths (80%) of Brits aged 25-34 planning to get involved.

With almost a third (30%) of Brits having already prepared their shopping list a week before, it’s clear the Black Friday hype is real. Of the shoppers surveyed, one in five (21%) often stay up late or get up early to check for the best deals online, while a further fifth (17%) say they are tempted to take the day off work. This rises to four in ten (40%) and three in ten (32%) respectively for 25-34 year olds. One in six Brits (14%) even admitted they'd go as far as missing a friend’s birthday to browse the sales.

And it’s the thrill of a bargain that many are chasing with two in five (44%) getting a kick out of finding the best deals, and a fifth (21%) enjoying getting competitive with other shoppers for the best deals. Over a quarter (26%) plan to do most of their Christmas shopping during Black Friday, while a third (29%) even stock up on gifts for the year ahead.

However, as exciting and rewarding as the seasonal sales can be, two fifths (40%) of shoppers admit that the in-store Black Friday shopping experience can feel stressful at times, with missing a deal almost as worrying as being late to a friend’s wedding (16%) or being told off at a parents evening (15%).

When asked about the most taxing elements of seasonal sales, shoppers cited long queues (23%) and overcrowding in busy shops (22%) as some of those that most inhibit their Black Friday experience.

To help Brits get the most out of their shopping experience this Black Friday, EE is creating a shoppers’ sanctuary in its UK-first Digital Spa, giving deal seekers a moment to relax and re-charge in between the sales. Situated in the EE Studio store in Westfield London, White City, the Digital Spa features guided meditations and an immersive sensory room, giving shoppers in the capital a moment of serenity in amongst the Black Friday storm.

For those deal seekers outside of the capital, EE has teamed up with shopping expert and consumer psychologist, Kate Nightingale, to create a guide to avoiding ‘Black Friday Burnout’, so they too can snap up the best deals in a safe and stress-free way.

Kate Nightingale, Shopping Expert and Consumer Psychologist, says: “Catching that perfect Black Friday deal not only releases dopamine, the reward neurotransmitter responsible for that lovely sense of pleasure, but also increases the sense of control, which is crucial to wellbeing and a feeling of safety. The excitement of striking multiple bargains during Black Friday can actually cloud your judgement, and enhance product valuations, so it’s important to approach shopping mindfully. It’s wonderful to see EE inviting customers to slow down and find their inner voice, not just on Black Friday but throughout the year in its Digital Spa”.

Kate Nightingale’s Guide To Avoiding Black Friday Burnout

To stay calm and banish ‘Black Friday Burnout', Kate Nightingale recommends:

  • Take a step back, literally: Before buying something, put physical distance between you and the product. This helps to create mental perspective, allowing you to judge the product more objectively, and reduce your emotional attachment to it.
  • Go to the beach, not literally: It might be winter, but your imagination is as powerful in affecting your brain as the real thing. When feeling stressed or anxious, visualise yourself on a warm beach with the sound of waves. Even better visit somewhere calming and immersive like EE’s Digital Spa and allow your brain to find its equilibrium.
  • Sweeten your day: Low blood sugar reduces self-control, which can lead to impulsive shopping and poor decision making, increasing the chance of buyer’s remorse. Having regular snacks will allow you to take charge of your emotions and make better shopping decisions. If it’s something soft, like a cupcake, it can increase interpersonal trust, so you can build better rapport with retail staff.
  • Breathe in: The scents of the festive season are warm and cosy, with research showing it can help to put yourself at ease. When stressed, seek out areas with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger and embrace the calm.
  • Ask yourself three questions: Our brains make over 20,000 decisions a day – we're wired to think quickly. Avoid impulse shopping or spending unnecessary money by asking yourself three questions about what you want to buy: is it on my list, is it something I can do without and do I honestly love it?

There are three easy ways to spot if you’re experiencing ‘Black Friday Burnout’. These are:

  1. It’s cute! Smile: If you see something cute but don’t smile, it is a sign that your serotonin, or happy neurotransmitter is low – a symptom of stress.
  2. Everything is annoying: Irritability is a stress of overwhelm – whether it’s people walking too slow or long queues. Getting more worked up than normal is a sign of ‘Black Friday Burnout’.
  3. Memory genius: Our memories are affected by stress or anxiety. Before you head out, memorise your shopping list, and every hour, check it. If some of the words are hard to remember, it’s time for a break.

Asif Aziz OBE, Retail Director at EE, says: “We know how important Black Friday is to our customers and so we want to help make this easier. As part of our ambition to be the UK’s most personal, customer-focused brand, we have designed the Digital Spa in our Studio store to give shoppers a moment to relax and recharge and get the most out of their shopping experience all year round. Our research shows that shoppers prefer a relaxing environment and so we hope that together with Kate’s advice, we can help them to find their calm this Black Friday”.

For shoppers looking to rest and reset at home, EE is offering a range of deals on the top technology for relaxation, available in-store and online this Black Friday. From noise-cancelling headphones to gaming gear, there is something to help everyone unwind:

  • Tune out and tap into the world of Hogwarts with a Nintendo Switch Hogwarts Bundle – enjoy 2 months free, and then for only £19 / month (game included free)
  • PlayStation 5 with COD -  enjoy 2 months free, and then for only £29 / month (game included free) 
  • Xbox Series X with COD - enjoy 2 months free, and then for only £19 / month (game included free) 
  • Turn down the Black Friday stress and turn up the music with Sony’s WH-1000XM4 Over Ear Headphones, featuring active noise-cancellation and premium sound – starting from £18 / month

EE has also teamed up with Calm, the leading mental health brand with the #1 app for meditation, sleep and relaxation, to offer EE consumer SIM-only and pay monthly mobile customers a 1-month free trial of Calm. EE customers can simply text CALM to 150** to activate the free trial.

EE’s Digital Spa is available to shoppers in the EE Studio all year round. Book a free 30-minute session in the EE Studio Digital Spa HERE.

For more information, visit

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Notes to Editors 
*Research commissioned by EE and conducted by Opinion Matters among 2,000 UK consumers (18+), nationally representative on age, gender and region in November 2023. Opinion Matters abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society and follows the MRS code of conduct which is based on the ESOMAR principles and are members of The British Polling Council.  

** 28,375,907 = 53,188,204 (ONS 2021 mid-year UK 18+ population) x 53.35% 

***Once the trial period ends, EE consumer SIM-only and pay monthly mobile customers can get Calm’s 12-month subscription plan for just £2.50 a month. More information here

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