EE introduces new entry-level 4G pay monthly plans and the most affordable 4G smartphone in the UK

• New 4G standard pay monthly handset plans on the UK’s number one network from just £13.99 per month

• 4G Extra pay monthly handset plans offering inclusive roaming calls and texts and the UK’s fastest download speeds from just £21.99 per month

• 4G pay monthly handset customers can now get 10GB of mobile data each month from £13.99 when they also take EE home broadband  

• New pay monthly handset options for business customers now include 180 minutes of roaming and international calls to and from Europe and USA

• EE also unveils its first own-brand handset – offering great 4G smartphone features at an entry level price 

Wednesday 26th March, 2014 – EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, today launched a range of new entry-level 4G pay monthly plans as well as the UK’s lowest priced 4G smartphone, allowing even more people to experience all the benefits of the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G network - rated number one for mobile internet, call, text and reliability across the UK.

EE continues to offer 4G standard and 4G Extra plans as a result of its unique double speed 4G network, and the move reflects the growth in new entry-level 4G handsets coming to market. 

New entry-level 4G pay monthly handset plans

From today, customers can choose from a range of 24-month entry-level 4G handset plans which includes the option of a free 4G handset, 500MB of mobile data and an inclusive minutes and texts allowance, all on the UK’s number one network for just £13.99 a month - less than the cost of a pint of milk a day.[1] 

EE has also extended its range of 4G Extra plans which offer EE’s biggest mobile data allowances, the UK’s fastest 4G speeds, as well as unlimited roaming minutes and texts when in Europe – with new options from just £21.99. Customers on all other pay monthly plans can now also benefit from unlimited calls and texts in the EU for just £2 a day, via a new Euro Talk and Text Unlimited bundle.[2]

In addition to the new entry 4G plans, EE offers a unique converged package for all new and upgrading EE 4G pay monthly handset customers, who will see their mobile data allowances increased to 10GB each month for no extra charge when they sign up to EE’s unlimited home broadband service. This means customers can now get 10GB of 4G data from just £13.99 a month. On selected mobile plans, it increases to 20GB, and provides them with all their connectivity needs both at home and out and about in one plan.

New entry-level Business and Business Extra 4G pay monthly plans

EE also introduces a new range of 4G pay monthly plans for small businesses from just £17 a month (ex VAT), ranging up to £35 a month for unlimited calls, texts and 3GB of 4G data.

All new Business Extra plans offer unlimited calls, texts and up to 36GB of double speed 4G data as standard, plus 180 minutes of international calls to use at home and abroad. Business Extra customers can use their 180 minutes to make calls from the UK to international numbers or make roaming calls in Europe and the USA to the UK.[3] 

The UK’s lowest price 4G smartphone

As part of the continued focus on great value and innovation, EE will shortly launch the UK’s lowest standard priced 4G smartphone, which will offer the specifications traditionally associated with a more expensive handset. The new Android device will combine a sleek premium design and feel with a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, large 4.5” qHD display, and HD Voice compatibility for crystal clear calls. What’s more, with CAT 4 capability, it is optimised to take advantage of the UK’s fastest 4G download speeds that are offered by EE’s unique double-speed 4G network. 

Perfect for capturing and sharing HD video and pictures, through to playing the latest online games, the new smartphone, named ‘Kestrel’, after the British bird of prey, will be the first in a range of EE own-branded 4G devices. The Kestrel will be available for just £99.99 on 4G pay as you go, the UK’s lowest standard priced 4G smartphone, when it launches at the end of April. The Kestrel will also be available free on 4G price plans of £13.99 a month.

New Shared 4G plans

EE is also expanding its range of industry-leading consumer Shared 4G Plans, with a variety of new value plans designed to offer consumers more choice. Shared 4G plans are perfect for families who want to control costs easily, or for those who want access to multiple devices without multiple bills. Available to those on plans of £23.99 or more, customers can now add another new 4G smartphone to their existing 4G plan for just £17 a month, and share their existing unlimited minutes, texts and data allowance. Customers can also add a 4G tablet and share their data allowance from just £10 per month. Similar plans are available to small business customers.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer for Consumer at EE, said: “At EE, we’re continually looking for new ways to make a quality 4G experience accessible to all. By introducing the UK’s lowest price 4G smartphone, and great value entry-level plans, even more customers will now have the ability to access the UK’s most advanced 4G network and reap the benefits it offers.” 

EE’s award winning 4G network is the biggest and fastest in the country. EE’s service is currently in 175 towns and cities and reaches over 70% of the UK population. EE’s 4G network is one of the fastest in the world, with double speed 4G (with average speeds of 24-30Mbps) now available in 20 cities across the UK. Independent recognition continues to be received both regionally and nationally, including being ranked the UK's best overall network by RootMetrics®, as well as the number one for mobile internet, call, text and reliability across the UK.

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Notes to editors

EE 4G pay monthly handset plans from the 26th March

24 month 4G plans

 Pay monthly phone plans (selected phones available free)*  £13.99   £18.99   £23.99   £29.99
 Data allowance  500MB  1GB  2GB  5GB
 Minutes  500  1000  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Texts  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited

24 month 4G Extra plans

 Pay monthly phone plans (selected phones available free)*  £21.99  £26.99  £32.99  £37.99  £74.99
 Data  2GB  4GB  10GB  20GB  50GB
 Minutes  1000  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Texts  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited


*Customers who choose a £13.99 plan can choose from the Alcatel Idol S or Kestrel for free.

*Alternatively, the Samsung Ace 3, BlackBerry Q5 and Nokia Lumia 625 are available for a one-off cost of £19.99.

24 month 4G Business plans

 Business pay monthly phone plans (selected phones available free)*  £17   £25   £30   £35
 Data  500MB  1GB  1GB  3GB
 Minutes  500  1000  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Texts  500  1000  Unlimited  Unlimited

24 month 4G Business Extra plans

 Business pay monthly phone plans (selected phones available free)*  £40 £45  £50 £60
 Data  5GB  10GB  20GB  36GB
 Minutes  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Texts  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited 
 Minutes to call or roam in EuropeƗ and USA  180  180  180   180


* Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: free on the £17 Business plan.

* Apple iPhone 5S 32GB: £30 up-front cost on the £40 Business Extra plan.

Ɨ Select countries.

* All prices ex VAT.

Shared 4G Plans, available on 4G handset plans of £23.99 per month or more

 Phone Sharer

24-month contract

(Prices vary depending on handset - costs may apply)

 Tablet Sharer

24-month contract

(Prices vary depending on tablet - costs may apply)

 Mobile WiFi Sharer

24-month contract

(Mobile WiFi device included)

 Data SIM Sharer Phone SIM Sharer
 £17 a month  £10 a month  £10 a month

 £5 a month

24 months


12 months

 £22 a month  £15 a month  

 £8 a month

30 days


30 days

 £32 a month  £20 a month      
   £25 a month      

Additional notes to editors:

  • Euro Talk and Text unlimited bundles give you unlimited calls and texts in the EU for just £2 a day. Perfect for summer breaks on the continent, the new bundle makes it easy to stay in touch with friends back in the UK, or elsewhere in Europe with total spend control and no fear of bill shock.
  • International IDD calls to the following countries are included in Business Extra pay monthly plans allowance: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • International roaming calls from the following countries are included in Business Extra pay monthly plans allowance, in addition to International IDD call countries: Latvia and Lithuania and overseas dependencies of the Azores, Canary Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion Islands, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, Vatican City.

For more information, please contact the EE press team:

0845 373 7070

About EE

EE is the largest and most advanced digital communications company in Britain, delivering mobile and fixed communications services to consumers, businesses, government and the wholesale market. With approximately 15,000 employees and 600 retail stores, EE serves more than 27 million customers on EE, Orange and T-Mobile mobile and broadband plans.

EE runs the UK's biggest and fastest mobile network, having introduced the UK's first superfast 4G mobile service in 2012. EE's 4G coverage reaches 70% of the UK population.  EE’s 2G coverage reaches 99% of the population while 3G reaches 98%. EE's superfast fibre broadband service covers 54% of the UK population, and ADSL broadband service covers 98.7% of the population.

EE has received extensive independent recognition including being ranked the UK's #1 overall network by RootMetrics®, Fastest Network at the 2013 uSwitch Awards, Best Network at the 2013 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards and What Mobile Awards, Network Innovation at the 2013 Recombu awards and Best Network for Business at the 2013 Mobile Industry awards. 

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[1] Average cost of a pint of milk in February 2014 was 79p. Source:

[2] Customers can text to choose this product and will only be charged on days they use in Europe. EE: Text EUDAY to 441; T-Mobile: Text EUDAYTM to 441; Orange: Text EUDAY to 2088

[3] Includes calls received and calls made to standard numbers when in Europe and USA (including the UK) and calls to these countries from the UK. Includes 36 European countries and USA. See full list in notes to editors.