Our EE TV service is a great example of how New EE does more for our customers. 

By Marc Allera, CEO, EE.

The launch of EE TV is one of the first significant strides we’re taking since we launched New EE in October, when we moved the best of everything we offer – mobile, broadband, TV and other converged services – to our EE brand and EE platform.

Our EE TV service is a great example of how New EE does more for our customers. It's built for busy households, and we believe it will elevate the TV experience for consumers across the UK. Our new range of powerful set-top boxes will give customers a slick and premium experience for watching the best entertainment, sport and movies via our flexible content packages.

And, in an exciting UK-first, we’re launching EE TV on Apple TV 4K via the new EE TV app, with a bespoke TV guide that gives you a live TV experience featuring more than 70 Freeview channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, plus a new EE-branded remote. You can read more about what more new EE TV can do, our new hardware and how you can also take out a multi-room option at no extra charge, here.

We are proud to work with amazing companies at the heart of technology innovation every day. And our EE TV launch is just one part of New EE’s plans to evolve what we offer, with compelling experiences for consumers across the UK. The changes we are making are about us adapting to meet our customers’ needs for now, and for the next decade.

The second part of what we’re changing is that New EE is built on a new technology platform. We have created a new way of joining our brand and our service. We've put an EE Identity – an account – at the heart of that, which means anyone can join us. You don't need broadband or mobile connectivity with us to join New EE. And that means we can truly be open to anyone in the country who wants to create a relationship with us. You can set up your EE ID in less than a minute on our website, or by downloading our app. However, you do need EE broadband to get EE TV.

The third part of the story is the new verticals and other services that we're providing, from gaming to security to insurance. We already have a huge amount of confidence that it will work because we've been testing and trialling over the past few months in a few verticals. One of which is gaming. We're not in the business of making games. We're not going out to rival Activision Blizzard in Call of Duty, for example. But what we can do is partner with some of these brands brilliantly. We partner with some of the best brands on the planet at what they do and we create brilliant services that are giving our customers more.



The best of everything on New EE, our new platform and the EE ID, and the new verticals we now offer are the next step for us adapting to what the role of a telco is in the future. As the UK’s largest subscription business, we are evolving to play a much more important role in customers’ lives beyond the essential connectivity we are famous for.

And, as I said it’s open to anyone, you won’t need to have a mobile or broadband account with us. It means you could be on any network yet still be able to buy a smartphone or games console from us, or put all your digital subscriptions in one place to make life a little easier to manage.

This is just the start. Upcoming releases will see us add more partners, subscriptions, services and capability, like the ability to log into other sites and services so that you don't have to worry about remembering all your passwords.  

Today, we’re really excited to have launched a truly flexible TV experience for the busiest homes. We believe EE TV is set to give consumers more choice, and more flexibility.

New EE is here. New EE will do more than we’ve ever done for our customers. And we can’t wait to bring you with us on the next step of our journey.

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