• New research from EE - Glastonbury’s technology partner - reveals the average attendee will walk nearly 30 miles, make 31 calls, upload 35 social media posts, watch 16 performers and snap 143 photos over the Festival weekend
  • Two thirds of Festival-goers believe they would be ‘lost’ without their phones during the event, with a total of 25.3 million calls, texts and WhatsApp messages expected to be sent to friends and loved ones
  • A massive 28.6 million photos expected to be taken and over 2 million videos shared from the Worthy Farm site

24th JUNE 2019: Ahead of Glastonbury Festival, new research from its technology partner EE has revealed that the average attendee will walk nearly 30 miles, phone home three times a day and snap 143 photos over the course of the Festival – that’s a massive 28.6 million taken overall.

With almost two thirds (62%) saying they would be lost without their phones at Glastonbury, Festival fans will send an average of 47 WhatsApp messages to friends at the Festival and those at home. Along with 31 calls and 49 texts sent by the average reveller over the course of the Festival, this results in a whopping 25.3 million calls, texts and messages pouring out of Worthy Farm.

In the One Poll study of 1000 people who have been to the Somerset music event, it emerged that Festival-goers are eager to share their experiences – both online and directly with their family and friends – with the average attendee uploading 35 posts on social media sites including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter over the long weekend.

The typical Glastonbury-goer will watch 16 different performers and post a minimum of 12 videos on social media documenting their experiences at Worthy Farm– resulting in 2.4 million uploaded throughout the Festival. One in 10 revellers even admit to calling home during a set to share the special moment with their parents.

Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at BT and EE, said: “We’ve helped make Glastonbury the UK’s best connected festival so our customers can make the most of every moment and share even more memories with their family and friends. Our new and improved EE Glastonbury app allows Festival-goers to drop pins on the festival map, listen to artists playing at Glastonbury to discover new music to help build their perfect festival line up, and create and share their own personalised set-lists so they can make sure they don’t miss a beat.”

Festival fans were also found to travel 143 miles on average to get to the site in Somerset, with the average Glastonbury-goer walking almost six miles every day – nearly 30 miles over the course of the event. More than a tenth (13%) of dedicated music fans even estimate they walk ten miles or more each day to see all their favourite acts.

With so much ground to cover, a quarter of people (25%) believe having maps on their smartphone to find cars and tents makes things a lot easier, with just over half (53%) of Festival-goers swearing by the official Glastonbury app to organise their schedules and keep up to date with everything going on during the Festival.

Being able to stay in contact and not lose friends is also an important Festival factor that has been improved with technology. With more than a third (38%) of people polled relying on their smartphones to communicate with lost friends, the average Festival-goer will use their phone to track down their friends at least three times throughout the Festival.

Four in 10 (39%) make sure to pack at least one power bank to ensure their phone doesn’t run out of power, while one in five (19%) go one step further and take a spare phone in case the first is lost or its battery dies.

Phone-charging for festival-goers will be made easy this year, with more charging options than ever before in the free EE Recharge Tent located in the Glade area of the festival. Including Wireless and Quick Charge 3.0 charging stations, revellers can charge compatible phones in under 30 minutes to ensure they don’t miss a second of the action.

But despite the wealth of entertainment on offer, nearly a third (29%) confess to streaming music, TV or sport in-between acts.

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