By Marc Allera, Chief Executive Officer at EE



Performance that is personal

With 98 percent of the UK’s adult population now owning a mobile phone ₁, the quality and reliability of mobile networks are more important, to more people, than ever before. Whether you live in a major city or on a remote Shetland island like  Alice Arthur on Out Skerries, connectivity is critical.

Our mobile devices are personal gateways into our lives and while we may use them in different ways and for different things, we all use them. And that means we are all reliant on our mobile network to deliver the performance we need, when we need it – whether we are at home, in the car, on a train, in a sold-out stadium, or exploring the rural countryside.

To help provide a robust and definitive picture of the performance of the UK’s mobile networks in real-life situations, independent analyst RootMetrics® has spent the last six months conducting 635,000 tests in a variety of locations across every region. In the process they have driven more than 24,000 miles, examined 788 major indoor locations, and completed 22,700 unique tests on every mobile operator’s network – including how they perform in 16 major cities throughout the UK.

They do this to determine which of the UK’s four mobile operators delivers the best network performance, so you know which one you can rely on when it matters – when it is personal.

21 times in a row…and counting

The results from this extensive testing saw EE named the UK’s best mobile network for a record-breaking 21st time in a row. As well as being awarded the best overall network in each individual nation, we were also named the UK’s most reliable mobile network too.

It is a record that stretches back more than ten years and built on us prioritising investment in our network where it matters, to improve its reach and performance. In that time, we have:

  • extended the reach of our 4G network by more than 60,000 square miles (two thirds of the UK’s entire landmass), bringing fast and reliable mobile connectivity to more rural communities than ever before
  • supported more than 350 major festivals, sporting events, and local shows with mobile coverage – including Cheltenham Festival, British Grand Prix at Silverstone, and the Royal Welsh Show
  • installed more than 700 small cells in popular urban areas across the UK to increase network capacity
  • and brought 5G connectivity to 73% of the UK population, including nearly every major UK town and city, the UK’s busiest train stations, the first platforms and tunnels of the London Underground and some of the biggest stadiums - including Wembley, Villa Park and Murrayfield

What does all this mean in reality? Well, it means making a simple phone call every day on EE will give you 30% less call setup failures than any other network. It means with EE you get access to the UK’s best network for video performance, as well as getting the most consistent download speeds for watching your favourite TV shows, films, or content creators. It also means you get to enjoy immersive gaming experiences on the UK’s best network for mobile gaming, which is fine-tuned to provide low-latency, jitter free gameplay and give you an advantage over the competition. 

In short, it means that our customers know that when it counts for them, they can count on EE.

The fight for first

The UK’s mobile landscape is similar in a way to Premier League football, in the sense that it is fiercely competitive, with networks choosing to invest in different ways to deliver the best experience to customers.  Every day we combat enormous challenges to provide the connectivity our customers up and down the country need, whether that is a pandemic, cyber-threats, extreme weather, planning and supply chain issues, pressure from the competition, or something else.

To have consistently overcome these and led the chasing pack for more than ten years demonstrates our focus on delivering the best possible network experience for our customers. We are continuing to invest to make sure they are empowered to keep connecting to the people and things they care most about, whether they are in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol or anywhere in between.


Here is a snapshot of the mobile awards EE has won following the independent testing conducted by RootMetrics® throughout the UK:

1.     The UK’s best network 21 times in a row

2.     The UK’s most reliable network

3.     The UK’s fastest network

4.     The UK’s best network for mobile gaming

5.     The UK’s most reliable network for mobile gaming

6.     The UK’s best network for video performance

7.     The UK’s best network for calls, data, and accessibility


Network data based on rankings from the RootMetrics® UK RootScore® Report: 2H 2023. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. 


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₁ Data taken from Mobile UK’s Mobile Facts 2023: