EE signs new renewable electricity deal

EE, part of BT Group, today announced that it has signed a new renewable electricity deal with energy supplier npower.

The deal, which runs until 2021, will see electricity generated from green sources such as wind farms and solar plants power EE’s operations, including over 500 retail locations.

As part of the contract, npower will supply EE with 680GWh of renewable electricity all of which will be certified to provide assurance of its renewable status.

This new deal will help BT move towards reaching its target to purchase 100% renewable electricity for its operations by 2020, where markets allow. Last year, BT sourced 82% of its electricity renewably.

BT, including EE, recently announced its ambition to reduce its carbon emissions by 87% by 2030, setting itself on a path to help limit global warming to 1.5°C by the end of the century.

Stephen Harris, Chief Financial Officer​, EE said: “An organisation the size of ours has a responsibility to conduct business sustainably and this new deal, whilst also making sense from a business perspective, reaffirms our commitment to doing just that. This is just the latest step in working towards our renewable energy goals and ultimately a low-carbon business model.”

BT has already made significant strides in reducing its end-to-end carbon footprint which has helped to deliver a total of £221m of energy savings since 2009/10.


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EE, part of BT Group, is the largest and most advanced mobile communications company in the UK, delivering mobile and fixed communications services to consumers.

EE runs the UK's biggest and fastest mobile network, having pioneered the UK's first superfast 4G mobile service in October 2012 and was the first European operator to surpass 14 million 4G customers in December 2015. EE has more than 550 shops across the UK. EE's 4G coverage extends to 80% of the UK’s landmass (equal to more than 99% of the UK population) and EE has an ambition to extend 4G to 95% UK geographic coverage by 2020.

EE has received extensive independent recognition, including being ranked the UK's best overall network by RootMetrics®; Best Network at the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Mobile News Awards; Best Consumer Network at the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Mobile Industry Awards; as well as Fastest Network and Best Network Coverage at the 2017 uSwitch Mobile Awards.

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