Olaf Swantee appointed CEO of Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere Ltd today announced the appointment of Olaf Swantee as Chief Executive Officer as of 1st September 2011. He will replace Tom Alexander who has resigned for personal reasons and to pursue other interests. Tom will step down from his post as CEO on 31st August 2011, but will continue to advise the company, and support Olaf in the transition, until the end of the year.

Tom Alexander joined Orange in 2008 as CEO of the UK business with a wealth of experience in telecommunications. He became CEO of Everything Everywhere when the company was officially formed on 1st July 2010 following the merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK.

Tom Alexander said: "It's been my privilege to serve Everything Everywhere these past twelve months, and Orange before that. I'm proud of what we've accomplished: we conducted a rapid integration of the new company, completing a companywide restructuring, and maintained good commercial momentum throughout, delivering record retention levels and growth on our contract customer base across both brands. There is never an easy time to leave a company that you care deeply for but, for personal reasons, I feel now is a good moment to step back. I am delighted to welcome Olaf into his new role. Olaf will be an excellent CEO and leader for Everything Everywhere moving forward. I'd like to thank my team and all the staff at Everything Everywhere for their great work and support, and to wish them all continuing success in the future."

Olaf Swantee, an economics graduate with an MBA from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris – École des Affaires de Paris (ESCP-EAP), is currently France Telecom's Executive Vice President, Operations in Europe (except France) and Sourcing. Prior to telecommunications, Olaf had 17 years experience in the IT industry, holding senior leadership, sales and marketing positions with HP, Compaq and DEC in Europe and the United States.

Since 2007, he has successfully transformed Orange throughout Europe. He was instrumental in the Orange UK turnaround and has been on the board of Everything Everywhere since its inception. He will relocate to London with his family.

Olaf Swantee, Executive Vice President of European activities and Sourcing for France Telecom-Orange and board member of Everything Everywhere, said: "I'd like to pay tribute to Tom’s leadership, and I am looking forward to building on the successes that Everything Everywhere has already accomplished, and to taking on the challenge of moving the company even further ahead in the coming months and years."

Tim Höttges, Chairman of Everything Everywhere's Board and Chief Financial Officer of Deutsche Telekom, said: "Olaf Swantee has a deep knowledge of Everything Everywhere's business and has been a director on the Board of the company since its very beginning, and is ideally placed to provide both continuity and progression. He has the strong support of both parent companies, with his extensive European-wide mobile experience, and was recently instrumental in the forming of the Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom Global Procurement Alliance.

"Olaf brings the vision, drive, skills and years of experience to build on the good progress at Everything Everywhere and execute on our immediate priorities, such as providing superior customer service, network leadership, retail expansion and continuing to increase our operational margins."

Gervais Pellissier, Member of Everything Everywhere's Board, Deputy CEO and CFO of France Telecom, said: "We would like to thank Tom Alexander for his significant accomplishments at Everything Everywhere and wish him well in the future."

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